Tata Officially Announces That Somerset Is Chosen As The Location For The £4 Billion Battery Factory

Tata Officially Announces That Somerset Is Chosen As The Location For The £4 Billion Battery Factory. The location for the largest electric vehicle battery manufacturing facility in the UK has been officially confirmed for the future.

Tata Officially Announces That Somerset Is Chosen As The Location For The £4 Billion Battery Factory

Uk’s Largest Electric Vehicle Battery Manufacturing Facility

Tata, the owner of Jaguar Land Rover, has officially disclosed its plan to invest £4 billion in a brownfield site near Bridgwater in Somerset for the construction of the UK’s largest electric vehicle battery manufacturing facility. While the government had previously announced the establishment of a flagship battery factory in the UK, this marks the first official confirmation of the selected site.

Generate 4,000 Jobs

Anticipated to generate 4,000 jobs and additional employment opportunities in the supply chain, the newly announced plant is poised to be a significant economic contributor. Gravity’s chairman, Martin Bellamy, described the factory as a colossal structure, estimating its size to be around “six or seven million square feet,” positioning it among the “biggest buildings in the country.”

Tata indicates that battery production at the site is scheduled to commence in 2026. Agratas, Tata Group’s global battery business, will oversee the construction, marking its first factory outside India. The chosen location is the Gravity Smart Campus in Puriton, formerly a Royal Ordnance Factory during World War Two until its decommissioning in 2008. Agratas will be the primary occupier, utilizing approximately 50% of the land.

By the early 2030s, Agratas aims to contribute almost half of the projected battery manufacturing capacity required for the UK automotive sector. The gigafactory is set to produce 40GWh of battery cells annually, capable of supplying around 500,000 passenger vehicles.

CEO of the Somerset Chamber of Commerce

Emma Rawlings, CEO of the Somerset Chamber of Commerce, sees the development as a catalyst for Somerset’s involvement in the green revolution towards electric vehicles. She highlights the existing familiarity of Somerset businesses with the Hinkley Point C supply chain, positioning them to contribute expertise to the gigafactory.

Situated 15.3 miles from the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station, the gigafactory aims to be one of the largest in Europe. Initially focusing on manufacturing batteries for Jaguar Land Rover vehicles, such as Range Rover, Defender, and Jaguar brands, there are plans to extend supply to other car manufacturers and engage in commercial energy storage.

CEO of Agratas

Tom Flack, CEO of Agratas, emphasizes the importance of community collaboration, setting up communication channels like a Whatsapp group for local residents. The confirmation of the site and the employment prospects has been warmly received in Somerset, with stakeholders expressing enthusiasm for the project’s potential impact on the region’s economy and workforce. Councillor Bill Revans, leader of Somerset Council, calls it a “momentous” opportunity for the county, emphasizing its role in the UK’s green energy industry and the creation of skilled, well-paid, and green jobs.

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